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meet ashley: 


I have always enjoyed photography as a hobby. I was given my first camera at 12 years old and knew immediately that someday, I wanted to be a "photographer." Then came life after college, and I was busier than ever, so this hobby was pushed to the background. But now, I am ready to pursue this and want to bring my vision to the world around me; I want to help everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. 


When I got married, it was my first real experience as the subject of a picture, not the artist. Even though I knew what a well-composed picture looked like, I had no idea how to pose myself to get one. Unfortunately, I never got to know my photographer, and likewise, my photographer never got to know me. The result was pictures to keep for a lifetime where all I could see were my awkward poses and fake-looking expressions. While the pictures look photographically beautiful, the part that made me the most upset was I was looking at a version of myself that wasn't authentic. And that's where I hope to change this experience for you. 


Photoshoots aren't meant to be awkward, posed versions of ourselves. We want the moment captured through photography to remember how we looked and felt at a certain time. I approach photoshoots a little differently than many. The first thing I'll do is actually get to know you. The more I know, the more I can ensure that I'm capturing your personality. Not only does this help me in delivering the authenticity, but it helps you as the client relax. Standing in front of a camera can be nerve-wracking for many, but when you feel comfortable with the photographer, you naturally relax. Once I get to know you, I focus on not posing you. Poses are unnatural and lead to stiff looking pictures. As long as you are comfortable, the picture will be beautiful. 


If this sounds like the type of photoshoot you've been looking for, have a look around my portfolio and contact me for more information.